Banner photo Credit and Description: Eiko Jones; Black Rockfish, Sebastes melanops, in bull kelp at Browning Pass, Port Hardy.

This is where you will find objective information about marine habitat projects that are suitable for British Columbia's shore zone. The information is designed to inform project developers on appropriate practices and actions for development projects in the shore zone, with the overall aim of protecting marine habitats. 

Dear Reader,

Thank you!  If you are reading this guide, you probably share our passion for protecting, restoring and recovering marine habitat.  You probably also share our goal:  healthier and more abundant fish, frogs, insects, birds and other aquatic life.   And you probably also share our bent for hands-on, tangible projects with real results.  There is such great fulfillment in working with nature!

We compiled this guide as the result of many people asking for our advice based on our years of experience observing and interacting with rockfish and other species and habitats.   We reached out to others with similar hands on experience to produce a guide that will hopefully inspire more people to get out there and produce the best results possible.  

We look forward to your suggestions on how we can improve this guide.  We will continue to update it and hope to add new habitats over time.  Creatures large and small face great odds, and need our help.  Using the knowledge shared here, together we will make a difference to their lives, and in doing so to ours.  If we give nature half a chance and work with it, it will do the rest.  

-Andrew Day, Executive Director, Coastal Ocean Research Institute, and Vice-President Research, Ocean Wise